Graphic Designers Needed



316 Quotes Needs You If you are a Graphic designer, or just somebody who can whip up a Scripture or Quote on a 600 x 600 image, we want you. We need Contributors and Intern Admin Designers.

What do you get in return?

1. Every submission that goes live gets a link from all your Image posts to your design page, portfolio, blog, etc.
2. Your Image is shared on, our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages.
2. Contributors who submit at least once weekly can apply for ADMIN DESIGNER status to have rights to approve content, come up with new ideas for the site, etc.
3. ADMIN DESIGNERS will be listed as Our Staff on a Staff page, with an avatar, and description, job title, etc.
4. Once we grow enough (my last Quotes partnership now has 4.6 million fans) our ADMIN DESIGNERS can help us come up with ways to GIVE. To amplify this message even more and help missions and other charitable Christian organizations who need help.


1. Simply drop us a message at our Facebook page at .
2. Send us your first 600×600 quote image
3 .We will add you as a user on and you can get started.

We post daily, but if we begin to get enough volume of entries, we will increase this asĀ it is feasible.

The GOAL of is to literally Share the Word, one scripture at a time. This is a tough thing to try to do without resources. But God has commissioned us to go and make disciples. This is a great way for those of us with a passion to reach people all over the world.

If we can help other people with this movement, I have Faith God will bless it. And if I can help our Designers to help their own businesses, somehow make it worthwhile for them, I absolutely will do that. The bigger this grows, the more people we reach with the Gospel, with God’s Word, in an unconventional, passionate way.

Thank you!

Bryan Robinson & Knoll Gilbert

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